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The Truth About Our Emotions...

Most of us become victims of our emotional state. The truth is our emotions are constantly changing. Some might say more often for women than

Next time you feel fear, sadness, anxiety or depression remember that the emotion is temporary, don't let it consume your mind and just let the emotion come and go. When we don't process and release emotions they get trapped in the body and cause more problems later on.

I want to give you a friendly reminder to just LET GO. Let the feeling run its course and pass. They say what you resist, persists, try not to fight your emotions, try to honor them, feel them and let them go. Just like pain, emotions are just our indicator that we're out of alignment, so instead of focusing on the emotion, try to understand where it's coming from and focus on fixing the misalignment, not the by-product aka emotions.

Love & Light


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Membro desconhecido
07 de out. de 2018

Thanks for the amazing article. We all need to LET GO. One thing that I’ve learned to help is to shift your focus to your breathing. It makes a world of difference. Thank you Elza for always inspiring us all.

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