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5 Habits That Increase Your Productivity

5 Habits That Increase Your Productivity

Summer is almost over and whether it’s the school season around the corner or the fact that vacation season is gone, we all feel the need to kick things into high gear when it comes to productivity.

Don’t worry!   I’m here to help you mentally prepare for this transition and decided to write this article to share a few tips to help you prepare for the busy months ahead.

  1. Don’t neglect your sleep and workout routines.When life gets busy, we feel overwhelmed.   We tend to fixate on items that need our attention and the basic habits that keep us healthy and energized are first ones to be neglected. Consider adding a weekly yoga class, weekend hikes, or other weekly exercise routines to your schedule.   Skipping exercising for a week or running on 4 hours of sleep will compound over time and decrease your productivity.

  2. Pre-plan your meals for the week.Before you start making excuses to why this one is too difficult, let me simplify it for you. While some people are amazing at literarily pre-making and planning every meal for the week, I am first one to admit that this type of organization doesn’t work for all of us, myself included. A better approach is deciding in advance which days you’ll cook meals at home and which days you’ll let someone else do the cooking.  This allows you to consider long workdays and other commitments, so you can reserve the cooking only for the nights you can make it work.

  3. Don’t underestimate the power of a To-Do list.One of the main reasons we feel so overwhelmed when we get busy is because our brain is trying to process and compartmentalize everything we need to do.  It’s kind of like having too many windows open on your computer browser!  This overloads the system as your brain too gets overloaded trying to manage your To-Do list. When the computer freezes the first thing we do is close the extra windows that are not in use.  Similarly, a To-Do list allows you to write down all the things that need to get done allowing your brain to close the extra windows like your computer, forcing you to focus on what needs your attention in the current moment.

  4. Get Your Priorities Straight. If you implement #3 and write down everything you have To-Do, then you can take a hard look at that list and decide which are the most important things To-Do first…#Prioritize!  I use a numeric system and label items by numbers of priority.   All important things are #1, then less important items are #2 and so forth. This not only helps you break down your To-Do list into more digestible pieces, but it also helps you realize what needs to get done and what can be postponed.    The items that fall to the bottom of your list could be big ideas, but they are simply part of your “Not For Now” list.

  5. Reward yourself. When you finish a task on your To-Do list, proudly cross it off the list and do something to reward yourself.  This process gives us a boost of motivation when we feel a sense of accomplishment, plus it encourages the cycle on a subconscious level.  It’s important to acknowledge your accomplishments. Now you’re winning.

So there you have it, that’s my list of tips you can implement for the busy season ahead. Now I am going to reward myself with a delicious cup of latte for writing this article. =)

If you found this article useful, entertaining or interesting please share with others and don’t forget to leave me a comment on your favorite tip!

Lots of love,



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