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5 Tips To Feel Happier


I can’t recall a time when I said, gosh, I am just too happy. So I decided, you can never have too many tips on becoming and staying happy. I wanted to share with you 5 Quick Tips that I have implemented in my life to help boost feelings of happiness.

Tip #1 Drink more water. Yup, I said it. Drinking water is not only good for your body, but it actually helps improve your mood. So cheers to being happier!

Tip #2 Go to bed early. There have been numerous studies done that prove that many vital hormones and enzymes that help with the recovery and regeneration of our body are produced only between 10pm and 2am. If you always go to bed late, chances are you’re depleting your body’s reserves. This not only has a negative impact on your health, but also affects your levels of energy the next day. It’s hard to be happy when you’re tired, so tonight consider getting some extra sleep.

Tip #3 Take a good probiotic supplement. Our gut has a bigger impact on our mood than we think. Here is one reason why. The brain chemical serotonin is produced in the gut. Lowered levels of serotonin are know to be strongly tied to depression. Increasing the levels of good bugs in your gut help to restore balance and improve digestion, this helps regulate the production of all chemicals including serotonin. When it comes to our body, everything is connected!

Tip #4 Stay active, exercise at least 3 times a week. This particular tip doesn’t need too much selling. Everyone feels better when they exercise and move their body. Not only we feel stronger but exercising release endorphins . These hormones trigger positive feelings in the body.

Tip #5 Heal Past Trauma. If you find yourself consistently feeling down or upset, you might have some underlying issues from your past holding you back in the present.

I hope you found these tips useful, please share with anyone you think could benefit from the content.

Lots of love,

– Elza


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