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All you need to know about Offensive Energies

Have you ever wondered if something external is influencing your thoughts, feelings and can even be the cause for your physical symptoms? There are 5 different types of offensive energies we can identify and release using the Body Code System.

1. Cords: This is an energetic tie we share with another person. It's a way we bond or connect with those we love. A cord can be healthy or unhealthy, depending on the place it is attached on both people's bodies. Unhealthy cords can create all kinds of problems, both physical and emotional, and can often cause you to take on the emotional problems of this other person.

2. Post-Hypnotic Suggestions: A negative statement that can become stuck in your subconscious mind during a time when you are in a semi-hypnotic state and your mind is open to suggestion. This often happens when listening to repetitive music, playing video games or watching some other kind of entertainment. Suggestions like this can come from negative vibrations in the media itself or it can also come from dark entities who take advantage of your semi-hypnotic state. A Post Hypnotic Suggestion is perceived as a truth by your subconscious mind, which will then seek to verify or fulfill it by creating emotions and behaviors accordingly.

3. Saboteur: An energetic weapon : Have you ever heard the phrase " stabbed in the back "? Well this is a common saying people use to describe the feeling of betrayal. These saboteur energies are weapons made of pure, invisible energy that are either self-inflicted or inflicted by another person. These are often a manifestation of someone's negative feelings toward you, but can also be a way for someone to exert control over you.

4. Curses: This is a negative energy that can be deliberately placed in your energy field by another person or a dark entity. Curses generally have malicious purposes, such as preventing healing, causing pain and interfering with your connection to your higher power. The most common suspects for curses are people that are jealous of you or have hidden or expressed ill intensions towards you.

5. Entities: This is a dark spirit that can exert a negative influence on your body and energy field. Have you ever felt like something or someone is sabotaging your thoughts, feelings or actions? Ever feel like what you're saying or thinking doesn't sound like you, but you just can't help it and this negative feeling takes over? A dark entity might be to blame. These dark spirits are attracted to us during low points in our life. For example, when we are depressed, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, even during times of high stress or illness. When our energy is low, these entities are able to tap into our field and influence our thoughts.

If you resonate with any of these energies, I would highly recommend you look further into ways to identify and remove them from your energy field. The Body Code is a quick and efficient process I use during my sessions to help identify and release these offensive energies.

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