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Energy Healing, Relationships & Heartbreak

Everyone suffers from heartbreak at one time or another. As human beings with emotions, imperfections, and the need to be loved, none of us is immune. While the capacity for healing relationships may be inside you, sometimes a broken relationship can’t be repaired. It’s times like these when it’s critical to know how to heal heartbreak, so you can move on and experience joy.

Healing from heartbreak can be a long process. You might question what went wrong. You might feel like you (or the other person) are to blame. You may feel like you’ll never get over it and be happy again — let alone being able to love someone else. While there is no single, correct method for healing from heartbreak, there are some things you can try in order to enable your innate ability to recover from the loss. Here are a few suggestions.

Choose to Heal

This might sound silly. I mean, of course you would choose to heal, wouldn’t you? Most people would. But without realizing it, we may also give ourselves too much time to wallow in self pity. While a period of sadness and loss after heartbreak is perfectly normal, be careful not to use your heartbreak as an excuse to bury yourself in your job, abuse alcohol or substances, jump head-first into another relationship, or have an extended pity party. This is not how to heal from heartbreak — this how to bury your feelings or delay your ability to move on. Instead, acknowledge the heartbreak. Allow yourself to feel and process it. Give yourself permission to do that, but not to wallow in or bury those feelings.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Most of the time, the old adage that it “takes two to tango” holds true in healing from heartbreak. One person rarely bears all the responsibility for a relationship falling apart. Did you make mistakes? Probably. Did the other person make mistakes? Sure. But it’s one thing to apologize and feel sorry, and another thing to feel ongoing guilt for something you cannot undo.

And while you’re not beating yourself up, remember not to beat up on the other person. Even if they did a number on you, for your own health and balance it’s critical that you let it go — whether they’ve apologized or not.

Pick Up Your Passions

You should never bury your feelings in work, substances, or a gallon of Ben & Jerry’s. But following your real passions — the hobbies and pursuits that bring you joy — can go a long way to boosting your spirits and your healing from heartbreak. Sing, write, dance, paint. If you love creating, create. If you love soaking in art or surrounding yourself with music, do it. Writing can be a particularly helpful way to get your feelings out in a productive way.

Serve Others

If there’s one thing in this life that can help you forget your own troubles, it’s helping others. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Help your friend move. Crochet a blanket for a new baby. Write a comforting note to your mom or your best friend. Getting outside yourself can make healing from heartbreak more bearable.

Release Emotional Baggage

If you’re dealing with emotional baggage or negative energy from past experiences or heartache, it could undermine your capacity for healing relationships or healing from heartbreak. Find, decode, and release Trapped Emotions or other negative energies with The Emotion Code® or The Body Code™. Getting rid of those issues may enable your mind, body and spirit to recover. You have the ability to do so, you just need to enable it through balance.


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