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Learn How Your Thoughts Affect The Quality Of Your Life

Did you know that most of us are in a reactive state of mind  90% of our conscious day?

What this really means is that for the majority of our day we react to the world around us, and most of the actions we take are rooted in the self-talk and perception we hold about the world around us.

This is why it is so important to always feed your mind with positivity, and  ‘program’ your subconscious mind to react in ways that is advantageous to your desired outcome.

If 90% of the time you are not even aware of the response you give to the world around you, then the least you can do is control the belief system and self-talk that is happening inside that intricate machine called your human brain.

So here I am to encourage you to write your daily affirmations, tell yourself you’re great, imagine the impossible and remember that what you tell yourself shapes your world. So you might as well tell your subconscious mind what you want it to hear.

Love & Light,



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