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Surprising reason to drink lemon water *daily*

Most people are familiar with the classic benefits of lemon water: * Boosts the immune system * Good for the skin * Helps with weight loss

Lemon Water

But did you know that this magical water is also amazing for: * Daily Liver Detox Yes you heard it right. One of the simplest ways you can cleanse your liver is add lemon water to your daily routine. Best way to enjoy this drink is to pour room temperature water into a cup, squeeze the juice of half a lemon in it and enjoy it. If you are a coffee drinker don't drink this right before or after coffee. Best to drink at least half an hour before a meal. If you don't drink coffee, then I recommend you drink lemon water first thing in the morning when you wake up.

Why should you do this? The liver helps our bodies flush out toxins so if you’ve recently taken any over the counter medicine, drink alcohol or take prescription drugs, this is one for the best ways you can help your liver stay healthy and not get overloaded with toxins.

Do you drink lemon water? What benefits have you noticed?


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