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To Be You Have To Do

Oftentimes we are so paralyzed by overanalyzing and comparing ourselves to others so we think we can’t do or be what we really want.

Maybe you want to be a writer or to be a coach and empower people, then start by writing or start coaching and empowering people. You don’t need to be an expert to start. Even the best coaches or writers in the world have to keep improving their skills and they weren’t as brilliant in the beginning and it took years or practice to get to where they are now. Take sports for example. Takes years of practice to become the best basketball player or to win the Olympics.

Whatever it is you want to BE, focus on DOING it and over time with practice and confidence you’ll embody the energy and you’ll BECOME it!

Share this article with someone that you want to inspire and to remind them that they are capable of brilliance!


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