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Two Reasons You’re Not Achieving Your Goals

We are all familiar with New Year’s resolutions.   All the things we say we’ll do this year that typically won’t come true.   Have you ever wondered why we typically don’t accomplish the goals we set? I know what you’re thinking, most people simply say they didn’t have the time or they were just lazy.   The truth is that there are DEEPER fundamental reasons why we don’t achieve the goals we set!

Here are the TWO major reasons:

1. We don’t really CARE about accomplishing our goal.  Believe it or not!  You may be confused with this statement, so let me elaborate.  You see, most of us are bombarded with media, advertising and so many external stimuli that most of the time we set GOALS based on societal perception of what we should WANT. I know, we all want better health, more money and to be happy.  But a lot of our priorities and desires are shaped by the image of what better health or happiness looks like based on some commercial or a magazine post.  Most of the time we set our goals, they were created for the wrong reasons.

So what’s the solution?  Before you set a goal, write down (seriously, write these down!) all the reasons WHY you want to accomplish that goal.  Ask yourself and answer the questions:

  • What will accomplishing this goal mean to you?

  • How will you feel by accomplishing this goal?

  • How will it positively impact your life?

Behind every GOAL there is an underlining FEELING we’re seeking, therefore, we attach accomplishing our GOAL as the means to creating that FEELING.  By going through this exercise of asking yourself the right questions and then answering them, you will truly clarify what accomplishing this goal means to you and the reward you’re seeking by getting your goal completed.  At the end of this exercise two things may happen, you will either attach a real meaning behind the importance of accomplishing your GOAL, therefore, procrastination or laziness is less likely to rob you from achieving it – OR – you will realize there is more than one way to achieve the feeling you desire and this particular goal is not the best way to obtain that feeling, in which case you should re-write the goal or change it all together.

2. Limiting beliefs are sabotaging your success.  This is something that EVERY person on the planet deals with and has to overcome. We all have our set of limiting beliefs about our abilities, perception of the world we live in and how success and failure works. Most of the false beliefs that hold us back from achieving our goals are so deeply rooted in our subconscious mind that we are not even aware of their presence. How can you tell if you have limiting beliefs around a goal? Pay attention to the thoughts that follow directly after you decide on the goal you want to accomplish. That negative self-talk that usually follows is rooted in the subconscious reasons why you tell yourself you CAN’T achieve it.  This after-thought is the most detrimental factor limiting you from achieving your goal.  It is the equivalent of pressing on the gas pedal, while the car is still in park. You burn a lot of fuel, and get nowhere.

So what’s the solution? There is definitely a way to eliminate these false beliefs so you can press the gas pedal and drive forward.  The Emotion Code Healing is one very fast and effective way I have found to eliminate these beliefs.  Best part – It’s something you can learn to do on your own, however, I have found it to be more effectively done with a coach.

Love & Light,



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